[ESS] how to compile shiny html

Shreyas Ragavan @hrey@@ @end|ng |rom |@@tm@||@com
Tue Feb 15 23:37:50 CET 2022

> and when I click on the URL the file is loaded and interactivity works.
> when I load the html separately, the interactivity does not work. Is
> there a way to share the html output in a way that will work for the
> recipient?

Another possible route is using the RStudio platform https://www.shinyapps.io/ . User Auth can be added using the shinymanager package (https://datastorm-open.github.io/shinymanager/), thus making the app  ~somewhat private on a public platform, perhaps using the free tier alone. The latter package is what I use for adding auth to my apps at work. FWIW - there is an interesting github issue for the shinymanager package where they discuss that flexdashboard 'apps' cannot be set up with an authentication since they typically lack a server component, and so the login can be bypassed with the dev console. One solution to that would be to host flexdashboard 'apps' with Apache/NGINX and setup authentication at the Apache/NGINX level.   

If you are feeling adventurous - you could also try creating a standalone shiny electron app : https://github.com/lawalter/r-shiny-electron-app , though I have never tried and have no idea how it would fare in practice. I would expect this to have at least some non-trivial difficulties. 

I should probably get back to work now and stop spamming the ESS mailing list about Shiny :(

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