[ESS] Possible problem with Org 9.6?

Colin Baxter m43c@p @end|ng |rom y@ndex@com
Sat Dec 3 08:37:28 CET 2022

>>>>> William Denton via ESS-help <ess-help using r-project.org> writes:

    > On 2 December 2022, Colin Baxter wrote:
    >> I have now used your set-up, exactly I think, using "emacs-28.2
    >> -q" and the latest ESS and I still cannot reproduce your
    >> error. For me, the src source block gives the expected
    >> result. I'm stuck!

    > Strange!  But it's been fixed in Org, so whatever caused it can
    > remain a mystery.

Excellent. I'm pleased R + org are now working to your satisfaction.

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