[ESS] Possible problem with Org 9.6?

Colin Baxter m43c@p @end|ng |rom y@ndex@com
Thu Dec 1 09:39:42 CET 2022

>>>>> Colin Baxter via ESS-help <ess-help using r-project.org> writes:

>>>>> William Denton via ESS-help <ess-help using r-project.org> writes:
    >> On 30 November 2022, Frederic Santos via ESS-help wrote:
    >>> 1) Can anyone reproduce the bug using the same Org and ESS
    >>> versions?

    >> Confirmed: no output from the R code block.

    >>> 2) If so, any clue? :)

    >> Not from me, I'm afraid.

    > Nor me. I get

    > #+begin_src R :results output :session *R* :exports both x <- 2:4
    > print(x) #+end_src

    > #+Results[5cafbcfc3677a0d07c696e39397c23e61ba0c021]: : [1] 2 3 4

    > using Org mode version 9.6 (release_9.6-6-gd500b4) and
    > emacs-30.0.50.

My last post was mangled. The "Nor me" referred to a satisfactory output
of the R code - not to "haven't a clue"!

Are you using the latest ESS from git? And have you set the
"ess-startup-directory" to default-directory?

Best wishes,

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