[ESS] Next steps [OT] Best Practices Emacs / ESS Mini-Webinars

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Sat Jan 2 16:09:22 CET 2021

Happy New Year to all! Very exciting to see this take shape!

The page at http://collabedit.com/537yq has been serving us really for the
initial discussions and overview but I suggest to move it up a notch:

- create a GitHub organization ess-intro to serve as an umbrella to
  - set up a repository each per presentation / topic / writeup / video
  - allowing us to review / comment / alter / edit each indepedently
  - simple webhosting via GitHub pages which is reliable / free
  - have something more permanent than collabedit.com
  - possibly use the wiki there (and gists and so on)

- assign topic authors and as a suggestion, two reviewers each
  - the email discussion based on Stephen's post is a very good example

- possibly allow for some coherent visuals though that may be tricky
  - we could view "diversity as strength" and end up with a mix of Rmd to
    html or pdf, org-mode to either one too and so on as different people
    have different preference

- we have the option of putting videos on YouTube! (or elsewhere, and still do
  not know how to create a 'group channel')

- as for overall form, I am still (positively) influenced by the simple videos
  I did under this URL http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/blog/code/t4/
  - people like videos so 'see' the effect of interaction with the computer
  - slides provide some backing / structure / space for notes and link
  - keeping it *short* is according to many really important

I think I will just go ahead and create that organisation now [Done]. Maybe folks
who want to join can add their github 'handle' at the 'who is who' section of
http://collabedit.com/537yq so that invitations can be send.

Ok, live at https://github.com/ess-intro -- let me know via
http://collabedit.com/537yq if you want to join!


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