[ESS] Next steps [OT] Best Practices Emacs / ESS Mini-Webinars

Greg Minshall m|n@h@|| @end|ng |rom um|ch@edu
Wed Dec 30 15:27:07 CET 2020

i've never been involved in a multi-user gitlab/github thing (i'm pretty
much a loner), so i don't know how collaboration works best.  but, it
might make sense to start all in the same repo.  in ignorance, maybe
Dirk would be in charge of creating subdirectories, and delegating
editing authority to one or more of us for that subdirectory?  (either
using some git*-provided controls, or by mutual agreement.)

and, maybe a section at the end of collabedit: name/initials/topic
volunteering?  i'll start.

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