[ESS] Next steps [OT] Best Practices Emacs / ESS Mini-Webinars

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Wed Dec 30 14:15:45 CET 2020

Very nice to see all the energy and interest, so a big thank you to everybody
for chipping in!  The page at


is very active. I feel we need now need to take this one level up and pick
actual 'topics' for these 5-minute mini talks, as well as a possible
sequence. I am not quite sure what the best place would be to set that
up. Maybe it is time for a new (free) GitHub "Organization" so that each talk
could be a repo within?  Or maybe we keep it simpler and just create a
overall GitHub repo that will link to the talks?

Thoughts?  I just added a new section at the end:

 ## Next Steps
 - GitHub 'organization' to regroup different repos, one each per talk, room for experimentation etc
 - Or just one GitHub (or GitLab) repo with links to talks repos?
 - Other ideas?  Please edit here...

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