[ESS] Hang when opening remote session

Alex Branham @|ex@br@nh@m @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Aug 28 16:54:34 CEST 2018

On Mon 27 Aug 2018 at 19:55, Marcora, Edoardo via ESS-help <ess-help using r-project.org> wrote:

> Looking at the TRAMP debug buffer, this is where things hang...
> 11:53:28.096969 tramp-send-string (10) # cd /hpc/users/XXX/projects/ad.myeloid/2018-08-22.hgnc_reannot/ &&  exec  env PS1\=/ssh\:XXX\@bode.hpc.mssm.edu\:/hpc/users/XXX/projects/ad.myeloid/2018-08-22.hgnc_reannot/\ \#\$\  TERMCAP\= COLUMNS\=117 INSIDE_EMACS\=26.1\,comint STATATERM\=emacs PAGER\=cat /usr/local/bin/R --no-readline
> It calls "/usr/local/bin/R" whereas my R resides in /hpc/packages/minerva-common/R/3.5.1/lib64/R/bin/R
> Ideally it should just call "R" so that it goes through PATH or aliases properly.

Thanks. We just reverted that change, so ESS will just call "R".

If you're getting ESS from MELPA, it can take a few hours to update there.

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