[ESS] Hang when opening remote session

Marcora, Edoardo edo@rdo@m@rcor@ @end|ng |rom m@@m@edu
Tue Aug 28 02:55:13 CEST 2018

Looking at the TRAMP debug buffer, this is where things hang...

11:53:28.096969 tramp-send-string (10) # cd /hpc/users/XXX/projects/ad.myeloid/2018-08-22.hgnc_reannot/ &&  exec  env PS1\=/ssh\:XXX\@bode.hpc.mssm.edu\:/hpc/users/XXX/projects/ad.myeloid/2018-08-22.hgnc_reannot/\ \#\$\  TERMCAP\= COLUMNS\=117 INSIDE_EMACS\=26.1\,comint STATATERM\=emacs PAGER\=cat /usr/local/bin/R --no-readline

It calls "/usr/local/bin/R" whereas my R resides in /hpc/packages/minerva-common/R/3.5.1/lib64/R/bin/R

Ideally it should just call "R" so that it goes through PATH or aliases properly.

Thanks for your help,


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