[ESS] Slow Emacs startup with ESS / tramp - any advice?

Deepayan Sarkar deepayan.sarkar at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 07:45:21 CET 2017


For quite some time now, Emacs is very slow to start up on my laptop
iff it is connected to the internet. I had isolated the problem to
loading ess in my .emacs, but didn't have time to look any further
till now.

After searching a little bit yesterday, I think I have the same
problem as this bug report:


I followed Vitalie's advice, and found that the problem is not in ess,
but happens when ess-utils.el calls

(require 'tramp)

(and putting that in .emacs is enough to reproduce the slow startup).

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to "fix" this. Any ideas?

I am on Debian testing, Emacs 24.5.1.

I do use tramp sometimes, if that's relevant.


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