[ESS] "?" not working with Julia?

Stephen Eglen @je30 @end|ng |rom c@m@@c@uk
Sun Jan 10 21:10:44 CET 2016

> I do not know if this is a Julia issue or an ESS issue or something else,
> but maybe the documentation at https://github.com/emacs-ess/ESS/wiki/Julia
> could say something like "You might want to have installed at least one
> Julia package via Pkg.add to ensure that the help works".

Confirmed.  I think its an ESS issue, given that ?fft still works in a
terminal with a clean Julia.

I note that within ESS, I get an error:

julia> ERROR: ArgumentError: Compat not found in path
 in require at /usr/local/Cellar/julia/0.4.2/lib/julia/sys.dylib

I will investigate (time-pending!).


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