[ESS] ESS 15.09-beta: please try it before release!

Vincent Goulet v|ncent@gou|et @end|ng |rom me@com
Fri Sep 18 18:14:00 CEST 2015

Hi Lionel,

I downloaded the zip file again using a cleaner approach and everything compiled normally.

*Sigh* Sorry for the noise!


> Le 2015-09-18 à 12:05, Lionel Henry <lionel.hry using gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hello Vincent,
> Does it work if you compile outside of your scripts?
> I cannot reproduce the problem with `make` (same version
> as yours, also on last OSX).
> What Emacs version are you using? I have 24.5.1.
> Lionel
>> On 18 sept. 2015, at 17:42, Vincent Goulet <vincent.goulet using me.com> wrote:
>> Building 15.09-beta fails for me with my usual scripts. It appears to be at the byte compiling of the 'lisp' directory stage. The last few lines of output from 'make' are
>> Source file `/Users/vincent/Emacs-modified/macos/ess-15.09-beta/lisp/ess-toolbar.el' newer than byte-compiled file
>> [ess-site:] before (ess-r-s-versions-creation) ...
>> [ess-site:] before creating ess-versions-* ...
>> [ess-site:] (let ... before (ess-r-versions-create) ...
>> [ess-site:] after ess-versions-created ...
>> [ess-site:] after ess-check-R-prog... ...
>> [ido:]
>> [ess-site:] *very* end ...
>> Source file `/Users/vincent/Emacs-modified/macos/ess-15.09-beta/lisp/ess-custom.el' newer than byte-compiled file
>> Fatal error (6)make[2]: *** [ess.elc] Abort trap: 6
>> make[1]: *** [install] Error 2
>> make: *** [ess] Error 2
>> On a side note, I noticed the following warnings while scrolling the messages. They're probably harmless and may even have been there in previous versions:
>> In toplevel form:
>> ess-custom.el:248:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-can-eval-in-background' fails
>>   to specify containing group
>> ess-custom.el:391:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-tab-complete-in-script' fails
>>   to specify containing group
>> ess-custom.el:1620:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-getwd-command' fails to
>>   specify containing group
>> ess-custom.el:1623:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-setwd-command' fails to
>>   specify containing group
>> This is all on OS X Yosemite with GNU make 3.81 from XCode 7.0.
>> Hope this helps.
>> v.
>>> Le 2015-09-18 à 07:11, Martin Maechler <maechler using stat.math.ethz.ch> a écrit :
>>> Dear ESS users,
>>> The ESS core team plans to release ESS 15.09 in a few days (probably Sept.23).
>>> Those (daring ones) of you who work from the github or MELPA
>>> development version of ESS are indeed beta-testing ESS 15.09
>>> already.
>>> Others are kindly asked to try it, possibly most easily by getting one of the packaged beta versions (showing 'https' below; 'http' also works) :
>>> https://stat.ethz.ch/ESS/downloads/ess/ess-15.09-beta.tgz
>>> https://stat.ethz.ch/ESS/downloads/ess/ess-15.09-beta.zip
>>> and giving feedback either here or by opening  "github issue" at
>>> https://github.com/emacs-ess/ESS/issues
>>> The biggest changes are in indentation behavior which has become
>>> much more consistent and still more flexible,
>>> notably thanks to our new team member
>>> Lionel Henry  (thank you, Lionel!)
>>> Many other improvements / bug fixes have been incorporated since
>>> the spring release  15.03.  See below for the current documented
>>> list of new features for 15.09.
>>> For the ESS Core Team:
>>> Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich
>>> -----------
>>> Changes and New Features in 15.09:
>>> * ESS[R]: The indentation logic has been refactored.  It should be
>>>   faster, more consistent and more flexible.  A test framework has
>>>   been set up in order to prevent any regression on future code
>>>   change.  Indentation offsets have been renamed as well and now all
>>>   start with the prefix 'ess-offset-' and other control variables
>>>   start with 'ess-indent-'.  See 'ess-style-alist' for detailed
>>>   description of the new indentation system.
>>>   The most visible user change in the indentation setup is that
>>>   customisation is now centered around 3 settings:
>>>   'ess-offset-arguments', 'ess-offset-arguments-newline' and
>>>   'ess-offset-block'.  The first two settings control how arguments
>>>   are indented inside function calls and index brackets, while the
>>>   latter controls the indentation of statement blocks.  They can be
>>>   set to 'prev-call' (indentation relative to innermost function
>>>   call), 'prev-line' (indentation relative to last line indentation
>>>   as in RStudio) or 'open-delim' (indentation relative to opening
>>>   delimiter).  See the documentation strings of those variables for
>>>   more information.  Indentation of delimiters refer to these three
>>>   values depending on the context in order to offer a consistent
>>>   indentation.  'ess-arg-function-offset' has been replaced by
>>>   'ess-indent-prev-call-lhs' and has been generalised to
>>>   assignements.  This setting works with both statement blocks and
>>>   expressions.  It now only takes effect for offsets set to
>>>   'prev-call' in order to produce a consistent indentation.
>>> * ESS[R]: 'ess-brace-imaginary-offset', 'ess-expression-offset' and
>>>   all delimiter offsets are deprecated.  The settings for indentation
>>>   of continued statements have been replaced by
>>>   'ess-offset-continuations'.  It can be set to either 'cascade' or
>>>   'straight' (the default).
>>> * ESS[R]: A new RStudio style is provided to mimic as closely as
>>>   possible R files indented via RStudio.  To reproduce the setup of
>>>   some of the RStudio users, you will also need to set
>>>   'ess-offset-arguments' to 'prev-line'.
>>> * ESS[R]: Roxygen fields will now be indented on paragraph refilling
>>>   in order to make the documentation more readable.  You can also
>>>   refill commented lines in the 'examples' field without squashing
>>>   the surrounding code in the comments.
>>> * ESS[R]: ESS can now format your code.  This is controlled through
>>>   the settings 'ess-fill-calls' and 'ess-fill-continuations'.  When
>>>   activated, '(fill-paragraph)' will format your calls and your
>>>   formulas/continuations and make sure they don't go past
>>>   'fill-column'.  Refilling with a prefix produces an alternative
>>>   formatting with one element per line.  Repeated refills cycle
>>>   through different styles (see the docstrings for more details).  By
>>>   default, the refilled region blinks.  Set 'ess-blink-filling' to
>>>   nil to prevent this.
>>> * ESS[R]: Fix occasional missing error location fontification in
>>>   inferior buffers.
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