[ESS] ESS 15.09-beta: please try it before release!

Vincent Goulet v|ncent@gou|et @end|ng |rom me@com
Fri Sep 18 17:42:25 CEST 2015

Building 15.09-beta fails for me with my usual scripts. It appears to be at the byte compiling of the 'lisp' directory stage. The last few lines of output from 'make' are

Source file `/Users/vincent/Emacs-modified/macos/ess-15.09-beta/lisp/ess-toolbar.el' newer than byte-compiled file
[ess-site:] before (ess-r-s-versions-creation) ...
[ess-site:] before creating ess-versions-* ...
[ess-site:] (let ... before (ess-r-versions-create) ...
[ess-site:] after ess-versions-created ...
[ess-site:] after ess-check-R-prog... ...
[ess-site:] *very* end ...
Source file `/Users/vincent/Emacs-modified/macos/ess-15.09-beta/lisp/ess-custom.el' newer than byte-compiled file
Fatal error (6)make[2]: *** [ess.elc] Abort trap: 6
make[1]: *** [install] Error 2
make: *** [ess] Error 2

On a side note, I noticed the following warnings while scrolling the messages. They're probably harmless and may even have been there in previous versions:

In toplevel form:
ess-custom.el:248:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-can-eval-in-background' fails
    to specify containing group
ess-custom.el:391:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-tab-complete-in-script' fails
    to specify containing group
ess-custom.el:1620:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-getwd-command' fails to
    specify containing group
ess-custom.el:1623:1:Warning: defcustom for `ess-setwd-command' fails to
    specify containing group

This is all on OS X Yosemite with GNU make 3.81 from XCode 7.0.

Hope this helps.


> Le 2015-09-18 à 07:11, Martin Maechler <maechler using stat.math.ethz.ch> a écrit :
> Dear ESS users,
> The ESS core team plans to release ESS 15.09 in a few days (probably Sept.23).
> Those (daring ones) of you who work from the github or MELPA
> development version of ESS are indeed beta-testing ESS 15.09
> already.
> Others are kindly asked to try it, possibly most easily by getting one of the packaged beta versions (showing 'https' below; 'http' also works) :
> https://stat.ethz.ch/ESS/downloads/ess/ess-15.09-beta.tgz
> https://stat.ethz.ch/ESS/downloads/ess/ess-15.09-beta.zip
> and giving feedback either here or by opening  "github issue" at
> https://github.com/emacs-ess/ESS/issues
> The biggest changes are in indentation behavior which has become
> much more consistent and still more flexible,
> notably thanks to our new team member
> Lionel Henry  (thank you, Lionel!)
> Many other improvements / bug fixes have been incorporated since
> the spring release  15.03.  See below for the current documented
> list of new features for 15.09.
> For the ESS Core Team:
> Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich
> -----------
> Changes and New Features in 15.09:
>   * ESS[R]: The indentation logic has been refactored.  It should be
>     faster, more consistent and more flexible.  A test framework has
>     been set up in order to prevent any regression on future code
>     change.  Indentation offsets have been renamed as well and now all
>     start with the prefix 'ess-offset-' and other control variables
>     start with 'ess-indent-'.  See 'ess-style-alist' for detailed
>     description of the new indentation system.
>     The most visible user change in the indentation setup is that
>     customisation is now centered around 3 settings:
>     'ess-offset-arguments', 'ess-offset-arguments-newline' and
>     'ess-offset-block'.  The first two settings control how arguments
>     are indented inside function calls and index brackets, while the
>     latter controls the indentation of statement blocks.  They can be
>     set to 'prev-call' (indentation relative to innermost function
>     call), 'prev-line' (indentation relative to last line indentation
>     as in RStudio) or 'open-delim' (indentation relative to opening
>     delimiter).  See the documentation strings of those variables for
>     more information.  Indentation of delimiters refer to these three
>     values depending on the context in order to offer a consistent
>     indentation.  'ess-arg-function-offset' has been replaced by
>     'ess-indent-prev-call-lhs' and has been generalised to
>     assignements.  This setting works with both statement blocks and
>     expressions.  It now only takes effect for offsets set to
>     'prev-call' in order to produce a consistent indentation.
>   * ESS[R]: 'ess-brace-imaginary-offset', 'ess-expression-offset' and
>     all delimiter offsets are deprecated.  The settings for indentation
>     of continued statements have been replaced by
>     'ess-offset-continuations'.  It can be set to either 'cascade' or
>     'straight' (the default).
>   * ESS[R]: A new RStudio style is provided to mimic as closely as
>     possible R files indented via RStudio.  To reproduce the setup of
>     some of the RStudio users, you will also need to set
>     'ess-offset-arguments' to 'prev-line'.
>   * ESS[R]: Roxygen fields will now be indented on paragraph refilling
>     in order to make the documentation more readable.  You can also
>     refill commented lines in the 'examples' field without squashing
>     the surrounding code in the comments.
>   * ESS[R]: ESS can now format your code.  This is controlled through
>     the settings 'ess-fill-calls' and 'ess-fill-continuations'.  When
>     activated, '(fill-paragraph)' will format your calls and your
>     formulas/continuations and make sure they don't go past
>     'fill-column'.  Refilling with a prefix produces an alternative
>     formatting with one element per line.  Repeated refills cycle
>     through different styles (see the docstrings for more details).  By
>     default, the refilled region blinks.  Set 'ess-blink-filling' to
>     nil to prevent this.
>   * ESS[R]: Fix occasional missing error location fontification in
>     inferior buffers.
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