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projectile.el along with helm-projectile is an easy-to-configure simple project management tool in emacs. 


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> On Sep 4, 2015, at 2:55 AM, A.J. Rossini <blindglobe using gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all -
> After spending too much time with archaic languages which are archaic
> (SAS) and living in the future (Common Lisp) I'm back to R for work
> related programming.
> I had to use RStudio at first for various collaboration (and deadline)
> reasons, and while I found it adequate, it was clunky and inefficient
> for me.   However, it had a reasonable project management accelerator,
> and I enjoyed that.
> What, if any, is the current best-practices for doing something like
> the RStudio projects in ESS/Emacs?   I know I can go back and hack the
> CEDET tools again, but there ought to be something less general,
> restricted mainly on managing sets of files and displays.
> (I also can just do what I did before, but why waste microseconds
> typing for the UI when I can save them for R and ESS hacking?)
> best,
> -tony
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