[ESS] Wonderful improvement Roxygen in new ESS

Vitalie Spinu @p|nuv|t @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Oct 30 13:48:13 CET 2015

All credits go to Lionel Henry. Great work indeed!

I would add that the M-q now works not only in Roxygen blocks but in the main
code as well. It also knows how to cycle - repeated M-q will do different things
and will eventually return you to the original.


>> On Thu, Oct 29 2015 10:12, Paul Johnson wrote:

> In case people did not try the new ESS, I find a wonderful enhancement
> in the behavior of M-q in Roxygen markup. There is now smart
> indentation so that a block of text is not smashed into one giant
> paragraph.  That's a great improvement, thanks very much to the
> developer.

> Now an M-q in the markup area gives this excellent output, for example

> ##' @param projSeeds Required. Either an object of class portableSeeds
> ##'     (created by \code{seedCreator}) or a text string giving the
> ##'     name of an R saved file of the appropriate format (created by
> ##'     the seedCreator function).
> ##' @param run Integer indicating which element from the portable seed
> ##'     collection is to be selected
> ##' @param verbose Optional. Print out the state of the current
> ##'     generator. Default = FALSE.
> ##' @return nothing is returned.

> pj

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