[ESS] Wonderful improvement Roxygen in new ESS

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Fri Oct 30 11:50:53 CET 2015

Thanks Paul.

We've also worked on making M-q work with function calls and
what we call continuations (expressions separated by operators).

By the way, if you want semantic paragraphing in Roxygen blocks,
you can add this to your ESS hook:

(setq paragraph-start (concat "\\(" ess-roxy-re "\\(" paragraph-start
                              "\\|[ \t]*@" "\\)" "\\)\\|\\(" paragraph-start "\\)"))

This will make M-q and 'mark-paragraph work within the boundaries
of the current field. I find this more predictable, and it helps
when you're contributing to someone else's package and don't want
to reformat the whole roxy block, which causes commit noise.


> On 29 oct. 2015, at 16:12, Paul Johnson <pauljohn32 using gmail.com> wrote:
> In case people did not try the new ESS, I find a wonderful enhancement
> in the behavior of M-q in Roxygen markup. There is now smart
> indentation so that a block of text is not smashed into one giant
> paragraph.  That's a great improvement, thanks very much to the
> developer.
> Now an M-q in the markup area gives this excellent output, for example
> ##' @param projSeeds Required. Either an object of class portableSeeds
> ##'     (created by \code{seedCreator}) or a text string giving the
> ##'     name of an R saved file of the appropriate format (created by
> ##'     the seedCreator function).
> ##' @param run Integer indicating which element from the portable seed
> ##'     collection is to be selected
> ##' @param verbose Optional. Print out the state of the current
> ##'     generator. Default = FALSE.
> ##' @return nothing is returned.
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