[ESS] Indenting of R code, particularly dplyr code.

Patrick Connolly p_conno||y @end|ng |rom @||ng@hot@co@nz
Sat Oct 10 23:12:09 CEST 2015

On Fri, 09-Oct-2015 at 04:37PM +0200, Vitalie Spinu wrote:

|> > Error during redisplay: (error Autoloading failed to define function compilation--ensure-parse) [3 times]

|> This has been fixed in the development version. You will get crappy
|> error highlighting or no highlighting at all, but you should not
|> see the errors.

Highlighting and everything else works fine for me.  The only issue is
the indenting which I can't influence.

|> Generally, it's always good if you can keep up to date with ESS and
|> Emacs. Emacs is changing very fast and we have limited man power to
|> track all those changes. As most of the ESS developers are sitting
|> on recent Emacses you should expect occasional problems, like the
|> one above, with the old Emacses.

My ancient Emacs and ESS work fine except for the slightly less
desirable indenting in script files -- and that I can't use polymode.
If I can't influence indenting, I'll stick with the wisdom of the

I am still curious to understand why Emacs 23.1 and ESS-15.09 isn't
doing what I thought the combination would.

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