[ESS] documentation popup when font size enlarged/decreased

Pascal A. Niklaus pascal.niklaus at ieu.uzh.ch
Fri May 8 18:59:59 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I have a small issue when I reduce or enlarge the font size relative to 
the default.

The popup that shows up with the top of the documentation page is 
"ragged", i.e. the lines do not start in the same column.The "ragging" 
occurs when this preview is at the side of the autocompletion window, as 
illustrated below (A=autocomplete popup, D=documentation preview).


When there is no auto-complete popup, the popup with the documentation 
is no longer ragged but shifts to the left (relative to the command 
typed) when the font is below standard size and to the right if it is 
above standard size.

I use ESS 15.03-1, checked out from github, and autocomplete version 1.5.0.


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