[ESS] Different results in interactive vs batch mode

Sparapani, Rodney r@p@r@p@ @end|ng |rom mcw@edu
Wed Mar 4 23:10:00 CET 2015

> Hello ESS helpers,
> I have been a happy user of SAS interactive mode for the last few weeks, but have run into something really strange.
> I wrote some code for data management using proc sql and the data step. I got it working in interactive mode
> (where "working" means I see the same dataset that my coworker sees independently, using his own programming).
> However, when I run it in batch mode, the dataset it produces is not right. I did a little poking at it looks
> like the batch mode version grabs the first "slice" of the data alphabetically, sliced along one of the
> variables I'm using to merge the datasets, but ignores the remaining 27 slices (i.e. the rows containing
> other values of this variable).
> I could almost understand it if the interactive mode were producing something wrong. But the fact that the
> batch mode is getting it wrong... that really puzzles me. It happens both when I use the menu SAS->Submit
> File and also when I skip emacs and just run it from the command line.
> Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
> Erin Jonaitis  |  Biostatistician

Hi Erin:

I don't think I have never seen anything like that.  On the bright side,
it is probably not an ESS issue ;o)


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