[ESS] Could you make alt-q re-format more happily?

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 03:15:16 CET 2015

If this is possible, could you make the thing that happens when you do
Alt-q be more pleasant?

I notice in Changelog mode, Alt-q respects indentation.  But in Ess, it
left justifies the wrap-around lines.

I want it to do this

xlongname <- c("Aword", "Bword", "Cword", "Dword", "Eword", "Fword",
                          "Gword", "Hword", "Iword")

While I'm asking, I wish the breaks would not separate words on the equal
sign.  Know what I mean? Keep argument with value

Instead of this,

myboringlongname <- afunction(a = someThing, b =

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