[ESS] emacs24 crash when start R

Stephen Eglen S@J@Eg|en @end|ng |rom d@mtp@c@m@@c@uk
Mon Aug 17 08:11:43 CEST 2015

> Hi, I get an annoing problem running R from emacs. When I try to run R 
> (M-x R) emacs crash. I run emacs 24.4.1, ESS 14.09, R 3.2.1. under 
> Debian jessie. I tried to run R from shell and it works.

What do you mean by "crash"?  Does emacs disappear?   Or e.g. do you
mean the *R* process is not responsive.  If you see Emacs still, what
happens when you press C-g a few times?


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