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Sat Apr 4 17:39:51 CEST 2015

This is a nice opportunity for me to also express my perplexity as regards processing of .Rnw files with polymode.

I quickly included polymode (and enabled it by default) in my distributions as it is much better than plain noweb at activating the correct mode when editing a .Rnw file. I also like how example sections of R help files are treated like R chunks in .Rnw files. Nice work.

However, I haven't figured out yet how one is supposed to use polymode's facilities to weave a file. What's the difference between Sweave-ESS and Sweave? Why end up with a foo[weaved].tex file instead of foo.tex. Why is foo[weaved].tex empty?

I guess this is a shout out to Vitalie to explain to us the intended behaviour of the otherwise very nice polymode for the processing of .Rnw files.


> Le 2015-04-02 à 07:34, David Scott <d.scott using auckland.ac.nz> a écrit :
> On Windows I have installed Emacs 24.4 and ESS 14.09 using Vince Goulet's distribution. I am having a lot of trouble with processing .Rnw and .Rmd files using knitr. I am aware of the M-n w and M-n e commands (and the related M-n W and M-n E commands). I am able to weave successfully, but exporting (which I understand should use pdfLaTeX for a .Rnw file) just seems to hang showing no output and I have no idea what is going on. This possibly happens when I have a problem in my file (such as a beamer slide which includes verbatim but is not specified as fragile), but I really don't know. For .Rmd files I resorted to a creating a .bat file using render from the rmarkdown package, which was reasonably successful, but was not the best workflow in my view. I would really like to be able to just process .Rnw files as previously with M-n s followed by M-n P, but I am far from that at present.
> Another problem I have at the moment is with M-n w adding '[weaved]' to the name of the file. First of all that causes a proliferation of files, secondly clicking on the icon to view any resulting pdf causes a file not found error because the file name looked for doesn't have '[weaved]' added to it.
> (To be totally unreasonable, the choice of the word 'weaved' to be added to the file name grates on me like finger nails on a blackboard. The appropriate adjective for an object which has been created by weaving is 'woven'.)
> So. Can anyone explain to me how to process a .Rnw file and view the resulting pdf? Also, how to stop the addition of [weaved] to the file name?
> Failing that, can anyone explain how to modify auto-mode-alist so that instead of polymode, it invokes the old noweb where there is a menu and M-n s and M-n P work as before, and I can tangle a file? I am afraid that I just don't get lisp programming, so words of one syllable how to do that would be good.
> Finally, despite what appears above, let me say that I am grateful to Vitalie and all the other ESS developers, and in no way wish to disparage their efforts. ESS with AUCTeX is just *the* best environment for R and TeX and is hugely important to me. Thanks to Vince also for his distribution.
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