[ESS] Polymode is on MELPA

Thorsten Jolitz tjolitz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 13:56:58 CEST 2014

Andreas Leha <andreas.leha at med.uni-goettingen.de> writes:

Hi Andreas,

> Thanks for the write-up.  I am aware of these excellent tools and I use
> them already on several projects.  (Hence my slowness in trying
> polymode...)

nice to hear that there are actually users out there ...

> But I was interested to test an even more seamless switch of
> programming and
> writing modes.

there is admittingly room for more sophistication when it comes to
joining programming-modes and org-mode, but one great advantage of
outorg's simplicity is speed:

Using the trunk branch on a 7300 lines outshine file (emacs-lisp-mode):

1. converting to org-mode

| (benchmark-run  nil (outorg-edit-as-org '(4)))

-> (0.691311071 2 0.27842732799999936)

2. and converting back to emacs-lisp-mode

| (benchmark-run  nil (outorg-copy-edits-and-exit))

-> (1.241050335 3 0.4241838720000004)

so on regular sized files or on subtrees its just snappy without any
noticable delay. 

> I might just not have grasped all of outshine/outorg, but the
> integration with
> orgmode's agenda and scheduling facilities is something I rely on with
> most of my projects.

I'm on my way right now to prepare releayse 2.0 which will introduce the
first version of a kind-of 'org-minor-mode'. In a few days hopefully,
and offering Orgs agenda and planning facilities in Outshine files too
(i.e. programming-mode files like ESS[R]). Some things already work, try
the speed commands of the trunk branch if you are curious. 

> I have not used navi-mode yet.  But I have seen you posting about that
> on orgmode several times and it is on my list...

I use it very often, its kind of my UI for Outshine - I like the
read-only robustness and the one-key bindings. It has lots of
keyword-searches predefined for R. 


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