[ESS] reload documentation

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 22:18:13 CET 2013

If you kill the buffer, next time ESS will fetch available documentation
from scratch. So if R's help() command can fetch the new version ESS
will show it. 

You can force the refresh of currently open documentation page with C-u
prefix, which instructs ESS to reload the page.

In my experience devtools wasn't so great with reloading the docs. If I
remember correctly I couldn't even access the docs after install(...).


 >>> Andreas Leha on Mon, 4 Nov 2013 14:37:39 +0100 wrote:

 > Hi all,
 > how can I reload the documentation in case it changed?

 > Assume, I am working on the documentation of package 'foo'.
 > Here is a sample workflow:

 > library(foo)
 > C-c C-v function-in-foo to check the current documentation

 > # change documentation

 > library("devtools)
 > document("/path/to/foo")
 > build("/path/to/foo")
 > check("/path/to/foo")
 > install("/path/to/foo")
 > # does not help:
 > #detach(package:foo, unload=TRUE)
 > #library(foo)

 > C-c C-v function-in-foo will still show the old version

 > So, how can I make C-c C-v function-in-foo show the new documentation?

 > I tried (revert-buffer), (ess-help-quit), (kill-this-buffer) and
 > (ess-kill-buffer-and-go) -- nothing helped.

 > What am I missing?

 > Regards,
 > Andreas

 > PS: the previewing of roxygen sections is great, but does not work on
 > multiple methods in one help page, for example.  That's why I go via the
 > usual package installation process.

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