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Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 20:45:00 CET 2013

Hi Gustavo, 

This and other issues with ess-julia.el have been fixed in git repo.

  >> Gustavo Lacerda <guse at optimizelife.com>
  >> on Sat, 2 Mar 2013 13:46:29 -0500 wrote:

  > First of all, I want to congratulate you guys for making this.
  > I just wanted to say that I was going down the same road as Jay,
  > trying to figure out why commands entered directly onto the julia REPL
  > don't echo (while commands sent to the REPL do).  After looking in the
  > wrong place for a bit, I found the checkmark: iESS menu > Process >
  > Process Echoes.  And now it works.... but if I restart emacs, I need
  > to set it again.

  > Is it a bad idea to edit ess-inf.el, line 2194?

In this case it would have been a bad idea because setting
comint-process-echoes was making (some) things work only by accident.

In general, because julia is a moving target, ess-julia.el is also
updated periodically. So your changes will likely conflict with core
changes. It is a better idea to propose them here or pull a merger
request on github if you already made a useful change in your fork.


  > P.S. I noticed that there is a tiny speck on the shell (which looks
  > like a low backquote), indicating the last command entered through the
  > shell (rather than thru ESS).  Is this an intentional feature?

Speck? It is an arrow (like in this [1] screenshot) and it should show
both on sending scripts from ESS and entering them in process buffer. It
is misplaced currently by one line. Didn't have time to look into it

  [1] https://ess-tracebug.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/img/last_input_arrow.png

  > On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 8:07 AM, Jay Kerns <gjkernsysu at gmail.com> wrote:
  >> Dear ESS-help,
  >> I have a few comments and questions about ess-julia.el:
  >> 1. Great work! Thanks for this.
  >> 2. I notice after M-x julia there is a 'load' statement which issues a
  >> warning about being deprecated and that 'require' should be used
  >> instead.  I found the place in ess-julia.el where that is (there looks
  >> to be 2 places, actually), and I fixed those, but I haven't committed
  >> to my fork yet because I wanted to ask about #3 first.
  >> 3. I notice after M-x julia that the process doesn't echo to the
  >> buffer.  I understand that in the iMenu there is a checkmark for
  >> "Process Echoes" and I can get the process to echo.  This is
  >> different, of course, from R (and gretl, it appears) which echo the
  >> process by default.
  >> I tracked it down to the following line in ess-inf.el:
  >> Line 2194 of /lisp/ess-inf.el
  >> (not (member ess-language '("SAS" "XLS" "OMG" "julia")))) ;; these don't echo
  >> So it looks like somebody deliberately wanted julia not to echo.  My
  >> question is, "Why?"  Is there a reason that would be easy to describe?
  >> And if there is a reason, is there a setting I can use (in .emacs or
  >> elsewhere) to enable process echoes on my personal system?  (Yes, I
  >> can click the button, but it would be helpful in other work I'm doing
  >> for julia processes to echo by default).
  >> By the way, I've already tried numerous global settings, but since
  >> comint-process-echoes is buffer local that line "2194" overrides
  >> everything I've tried so far.
  >> Thanks again, and again, great work.
  >> --
  >> Jay
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