[ESS] Telling ess where to look for R

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Jan 22 18:54:26 CET 2013

On 01/22/2013 11:42 AM:
> Rodney:
> How do I know to use the variable name ess-directory-containing-R ?
> That's the central question. There are several modification paths. The key is finding the name, and understanding emacs-lisp a little.

You have to read the documentation; that's why I do ;o)

See http://ess.r-project.org/Manual/readme.html

Changes/New Features in 12.09:

     ESS[R]: On Windows, there is now a new customizable variable 
(currently called ess-directory-containing-R) to tell ESS where to look 
for the Rterm.exe executables. The name of the variable and the values 
it can take are both in beta and subject to change. Prior to this 
variable, ESS searched only in the default installation directory. 
Setting this variable now tells ESS how to find Rterm.exe executables 
when they are installed somewhere else.

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