[ESS] ess-developer can't find just loaded library

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Wed Apr 10 00:06:22 CEST 2013

While trying to isolate my other problem I ran into a different one.

One possibility is that these problems are a result of combining
different versions of ESS.  My local copy is 12.09-2, but the system
has 5.11-1.  Because the system loads via a require my hope was that
it would be a no-op since I load the local one first.  The only thing
it looks as if the system does before the require is to add the system
ess to the load path.  However, my personal copy's directory appears
before the system one in the resultant load-path.

install attached silly library somewhere
start ESS
library(silly, lib="Rlib")
C-c C-t C-t
C-c C-t C-a
the completion list in the minibuffer does not include silly.

I've attached the library; I'm not sure if the attachment will come
through.  It's a skeleton made by package.skeleton() + a couple of
trivial functions, one of which calls the other.  I haven't touched
the default NAMESPACE file, which I believe exports both functions.

Using emacs 23.2.1.


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