[ESS] Specifying locations of Rterm on Windows OS.

Josh O'Brien joshmobrien at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 22:29:46 CEST 2012


I am using ESS version 12.04-4 on a Windows XP box, with Vincent
Goulet's installation of GNU Emacs 23.3.

I keep multiple versions of R in "C:/R" (i.e."C:/R/R-2.14.2",
"C:/R/R-devel", etc), and would like to be able to select among them
by typing "M-x R <tab>". Based on the answer to this very similar
question (https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/ess-help/2011-September/007137.html),
I know that the solution involves appropriately setting either the
ess-r-versions-created or ess-rterm-version-paths variables, but I am
having trouble figuring out how exactly I should set them.

I store my ess customizations in a file "~/.emacs.d/my-ess.el" that is
included in my "~/.emacs" by a call to (require 'my-ess). In both
".emacs" and and "my-ess.el", both before and after the call to
"(require 'ess-site)", I have set ess-r-versions-created and
ess-rterm-version-paths like this (and many other permuations as well,
including using the customize interface):

(setq ess-r-versions-created "c:/R/R-2.14.2/bin/i386/Rterm.exe")
(setq ess-rterm-version-path(quote("c:/R/R-2.14.2/bin/i386/Rterm.exe"

In no case, though, have I been able to get a version of R to appear
via tab completion after doing "M-x R". ("M-x R-newest" also fails to
find any version of R.)

My question is this: Am I setting those variables correctly, and if
so, where else might I look for the source of my problem?


Josh O'Brien

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