[ESS] FreeBSD ports collision of math/ess with devel/noweb

Christopher J. Ruwe cjr at cruwe.de
Sat Jun 9 13:50:35 CEST 2012

I have previously tried to mail to this list, I can, however, not find
my question so I post my question anew. Should I somehow noise up the
channel, my aplogies.

I am the ports maintainer of math/ess, the port (i.e., the FreeBSD
source package) responsible for ESS.

I was approached last week by people checking the consistency of all
FreeBSD ports. It seems that the port devel/noweb
(http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~nr/noweb/), which seems to be a tool complete
with corresponding emacs mode used in literate programming, conflicts
with math/ess. Both ports would install a
share/emacs/site-lisp/noweb-mode.el, which means that both cannot
peacefully coexist on the same system.

I could imagine that among the numerous Linuxes similar issues might
occur as well. I do not know about the specifics, but noweb seems to be,
amongst other languages, targeted also at users of R. In this
constellation, R users/developers cannot use the corresponding
Emacsen-modes on the same system at the sime time without manual
adjustments.  This should, in priciple at least, apply to many/the most?
unixoid systems. 

As noweb-mode seems to be a.k.a. Sweave-mode: Is there any chance that
the project could  consider renaming that module in the intermediate
future, allowing coexistence with devel/noweb or are there any options
to resolve this issue upstream withput causing hassle or interruptions?

Thanks for any input, cheers and have a nice weekend,

Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ: GMT + 1h

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