[ESS] New version of GNU Emacs Modified

Brian Diggs diggsb at ohsu.edu
Mon Feb 27 19:24:11 CET 2012

On 2/26/2012 3:58 PM, Vincent Goulet wrote:
> A quick note to announce a new version (23.4-modified-2) of my GNU
> Emacs distribution for OS X and Windows:
> 	http://vgoulet.act.ulaval.ca/en/emacs/
>> From the NEWS file:
> Version 23.4-modified-2 (26 February 2012)
> ==========================================
> o An up-to-date version of org-mode is now included with the
>    distribution. As of this release, this is version 7.8.03 of
>    org-mode.
> o File site-start.el is reinstated in the distribution. Loading of
>    extension packages is still done in default.el, but customizations
>    that I provide [that is, the (setq ..)] are located in
>    site-start.el.
> o psvn.el updated to version of 2012-02-21.
> Hope this helps,
> v.
> Vincent Goulet
> Directeur général adjoint
> Direction générale de la formation continue - DGFC

I installed this version for Windows (Windows 7 - 64 bit if it matters), 
but I get an error on startup:

In Messages:

Relative to ess-lisp-directory, one of the following must exist:
../etc/ess, ../etc, ../../etc/ess or ./etc

In Warnings:

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading `~/.emacs':

Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

To ensure normal operation, you should investigate and remove the
cause of the error in your initialization file.  Start Emacs with
the `--debug-init' option to view a complete error backtrace.

Thinking it was something in my .emacs, I first commented everything 
out, and then renamed the file entirely. But I'm getting the same error. 
So it might not be just me. Is anyone else seeing this? If it is just 
me, where do I need to look to track this down, or what information can 
I provide so that someone can help me track this down? I'm not 
proficient in emacs-lisp.

Brian S. Diggs, PhD
Senior Research Associate, Department of Surgery
Oregon Health & Science University

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