[ESS] proposal re: underscore, part 2

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu Apr 12 15:29:18 CEST 2012

Matthew Fidler wrote:
> Thanks,
> I thought about adding a smart = operator, but haven't got around to it.
> I'm unsure if unmodified code would work ideally with =

It's not ideal, but since there is no = in the BUGS/JAGS language:
my hack works well enough.

> Is bugs/jags an S variant language?  There is a line that checks to see
> what variant of language is used.  If its close enough with the assignment
> operators, maybe this should be added as an option that can be enabled.
> Matt

I think the idea of the BUGS language (inherited by JAGS) was to be 
S/R-ish: it's a model description rather than a programming language
per se.  BUGS is not identical to S/R, but it's almost a subset; the
R2WinBUGS/R2OpenBUGS packages actually use the R parser on the BUGS
model file (but I can't remember why:  Gelman has blogged about this).

I just set ess-language to "S" for ESS[BUGS/JAGS] (in SVN) so that
ess-smart-underscore could do it's magic.  We probably have 4 months
until the next release to decide how this should be done permanently
(if any changes are needed at all).


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