[ESS] r-related question: editing NAMESPACEd functions in packages

Vitalie Spinu spinuvit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:50:48 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

Just committed ess-developer.el to ESS trunk.

>From documentation:

In develper mode `ess-eval-function' (and frends) checks
if the function name could be found in the `ess-developer-packages'.  If
so, it assigns the function into the namespace using
"C-M-d t" to toggle developer mode
"C-M-d a" to add a package to your development list (with C-u - remove)
"C-M-d r" to remove a package to your development list

As a bonus ESS has now a dynamic mode-line, i.e. changes in process
state are mirrored in mode-line of ess-mode buffers associated with
the process., Note for ess-tracebug users: ess-tracebug does not
support this feature yet, so in order to experiment with ess-developer
and see the mode-line highlighting you have to start without tracebug.

Please test.

I would also like to redefine the eval-region for the  developer mode.  The
idea is that all the objects including methods classes etc in the region to
be flushed into the namespace.  Something like eval in temp environment
and then assign piece by piece in namespace.  Any ideas of how to
implement that in R are welcome.


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