[ESS] double prompt while connecting to a remote session via ssa on Windows

Jannis bt_jannis at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 12 15:49:39 CEST 2011

Dear Emnacs users,

when i connect to a remote R process via ssh I always have a double prompt, i.e. emacs behaves as whether I would hit return always twice. 

Some googleing pointed me here:


So, when I insert the following after starting the ssh process into the prompt, my problem seems to be solved:

stty igncr -echo 

Is there any way to set up ssh or plink to use this setting automatically? I use ssh.el and plink to build the ssh connection.


These are the ssh related settings in .emacs:
(load "<path to library>/ssh.el")
(setq ssh-program "plink")

ssh.el has not really been changed despite inserting the host and username.

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