[ESS] ess-tracebug, edtdbg

Norm Matloff matloff at cs.ucdavis.edu
Sun Dec 12 06:09:46 CET 2010

This is excellent news, Stephen.

I had seen the nonzero return values for the system command, but had
assumed the problem was in emacsclient.  I'd actually tried a couple of
experiments invoking emacsclient from the shell, and it seemed to be
failing too, so I didn't suspect that goto-line was the issue.

Unfortunately, C-h f only returns the first line of the docstring, so I
missed the remark you cite here.

In any case, this should be a go now.  I'll fix things up (including
moving the main comments to docstrings), and repost everything here.  In
a few days, I'll upload the new version of edtdbg to CRAN.

Thanks very much!


On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 04:25:29PM +0000, Stephen Eglen wrote:
> hi again,
> Norm Matloff <matloff at cs.ucdavis.edu> wrote:
> > Concerning my edtdbg, unfortunately no one seems to have found the cause
> > of emacsclient working in Emacs 22 but not Emacs 23.  I'm going to seek 
> > help from a general Emacs mailing list, but if that fails, I will resort
> > to communication from R to Emacs via files.
> the problem seems to be with Emacs' goto-line, rather than emacsclient.  
> goto-line is not meant to be used by programs, as described in the
> docstring, which gives an alternative.  When debugging the
> programme, I could see that although goto-line was being called, it
> was not working as shown by the non-zero return values from the
> system command (the number of lines yet to return.)
> Also, see ChangeLog for Emacs 23.2 where you can see comments of the form:
> 2009-09-10  Glenn Morris  <rgm at gnu.org>
>   * pcvs.el (cvs-mode-find-file): Use forward-line rather than goto-line.
> I've copied the code (below) from the end of cvs-mode-find-file.
> To add this to edtdb, I've changed the call on line 121 to:
>      cmd <- paste(
>         'my-goto-line ',
> and this now works.
> (defun my-goto-line (line buf)
>   "My version of goto-line."
>   (pop-to-buffer buf)
>   (save-restriction
>     (widen)
>     (goto-char (point-min))
>     (forward-line (1- line))))
> Stephen

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