[ESS] ess-tracebug, edtdbg

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 11 10:32:22 CET 2010

> Concerning my edtdbg, unfortunately no one seems to have found the cause
> of emacsclient working in Emacs 22 but not Emacs 23.  I'm going to seek 
> help from a general Emacs mailing list, but if that fails, I will resort
> to communication from R to Emacs via files.

hi Norm,

I've got to the same state that you have - in that I can verify the
problem, but can see no obvious reason.  it could be emacsclient changes
indeed have made some subtle change.  By all means try the emacs lists,
(esp. if you have a reproducible example that does not involve ESS).
I'm keen to pursue it too though.  My next step is to trace the calls to
goto-line, to see whether that function is being called by emacsclient.


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