[ESS] Finding Rterm in R 2.12.0 on Windows

Ruth M. Ripley ruth at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 9 18:24:48 CET 2010

In R 2.12.0, Rterm.exe is in a subdirectory of bin and ess cannot find it. 
I have just tried changing the code myself, and (after some advice from my 
local expert on R executables) replaced Rterm.exe by R.exe in line 436 of 
ess-r-d.el and compiled. I don't have a 64 bit installation handy to test, 
but this finds D:/R/R-2.12.0patched/bin/i386/Rterm.exe on my 32 bit 
machine. (Of course it may have upset other things!)

I know I can set the path to R in the site files, or put R in my path, but 
it would be nice not to have to do the update every time there is a new 
version of R.

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