[ESS] edtdbg with Emacs

Norm Matloff matloff at cs.ucdavis.edu
Fri Dec 3 05:40:28 CET 2010

As some of you may know, I've developed a debugging aid for R that
integrates with one's text editor.  I call the tool edtdbg.  There are
two main goals:  (a) Have one's cursor in one's x.R Emacs buffer bounce
around as one steps through one's R code in browser mode.  (b) Be able
to give typical browser commands to R without leaving one's editor

When I uploaded edtdbg to CRAN about a year ago, I had intended to have
both Vim and Emacs versions.  However, I was having trouble getting the
Emacs one to work at the time, so I uploaded the Vim one only.  There
was a brief mention of that in this forum at 


I recently had time to look at this again, and I have the Emacs version
running (with a caveat, to be explained shortly).  You can download it
from http://heather.cs.ucdavis.edu/newedtdbg.tar  There are quick-start
instructions there in emacs/README.emacs

The caveat is that, for some reason, edtdbg only works in Emacs versions
22 or older; it fails with Emacs 23.  (I'm mainly using GNU Emacs, but
the newer Xemacs didn't work either.)  I suspect that this is due to
some kind of change to emacsclient as of version 23.

I hope that some of you can take a look, to see if you can figure out
why Emacs 22 is OK but not 23.  I am NOT an expert in Emacs at all, and
I know even less about ESS.  I simply taught myself enough elisp to
implement code for edtdbg, and my guess is that you experts out there
will realize the problem immediately.  I sure hope so. :-)

Thanks in advance.

Norm Matloff

P.S.:  The newer Vim version is in that .tar file too, with a couple of
new features not in what I have up on CRAN.

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