[ESS] [patch] ess-load-file not working with tramp-visited files and ess-remote

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Fri Aug 20 18:29:07 CEST 2010

> One other point about the patch, which reflects my lack of understanding
> about how Emacs finds functions in its packages.
> Should the patch have something to make sure tramp is
> available and loaded?  I don't know when tramp started shipping
> with Emacs, and even if it's present, does it have to be
> require'd before calling these functions?
> Something like:
> (when (require 'tramp)
>     ;; rest of patch )
> ?

or maybe better:

(when (featurep 'tramp)
    ;; rest of patch)

since this will return t if tramp has already been loaded, which
I think is the only time we'd ever need to check if the file
we're sourcing is tramp controlled.

If we use require, it would load tramp when we don't have

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