[ESS] [patch] ess-load-file not working with tramp-visited files and ess-remote

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Fri Aug 20 18:11:10 CEST 2010

Stephen Eglen wrote:
> Dear Erik,
> Thanks very much for this patch.  
>> The following patch should allow users to submit a .R file
>> visited through Tramp to a remote R process via ess-load-file,
>> C-c C-l.
>> We can currently generate an error by:
>> 1) visiting a .R file on a remote machine through tramp
>> 2) starting up R through ess-remote, or just M-x R on
>>    the tramp-visited file to start up an R session
>>    on that host
>> 3) C-c C-l to call ess-load-file
> I can repeat this, and confirm that your patch fixes the problem.  I'll
> commit it now.
> Thanks very much.  Thanks also for telling me about point 2b --"just M-x
> R on the tramp-visited file to start up an R session on that host".  I
> didn't know that would work, amazing!  I think this will need
> documenting.
> What is your preferred method for using tramp -- the scp method?

Yes, I just stick with that one.  There are lots of options though.

One other point about the patch, which reflects my lack of understanding
about how Emacs finds functions in its packages.

Should the patch have something to make sure tramp is
available and loaded?  I don't know when tramp started shipping
with Emacs, and even if it's present, does it have to be
require'd before calling these functions?

Something like:

(when (require 'tramp)
     ;; rest of patch )


> Stephen

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