[ESS] synthax higlighting \Sexpr in .Rnw files

Emanuel Heitlinger emanuelheitlinger at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 18 18:24:51 CET 2009

Hi List,

editing the .Rnw files of Sweave/Noweb I have a problem with
The $ makes Latex-mode use font-latex-math-face (according to M-x

How to make Latex-mode aware of \Sexpr?
Where to look for the Regexp that control highlighting in Latex-mode?
Or is there another workaround to be defined in Noweb-mode?
I would be happy to learn something about emacs solving this problem!

Thanks for your help!

here is the output of M-x describe-mode in the tex-region of a .Rnw:

Enabled minor modes: Auto-Composition Auto-Compression Auto-Encryption
Column-Number Diff-Auto-Refine File-Name-Shadow
Global-Auto-Composition Global-Font-Lock Global-Highlight-Parentheses
Highlight-Parentheses Line-Number Noweb Noweb-Font-Lock Reftex
Shell-Dirtrack Tooltip Transient-Mark

(Information about these minor modes follows the major mode info.)

LaTeX mode:
Major mode in AUCTeX for editing LaTeX files.

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