[ESS] R-Xemacs ESS printing issue

Mahesh Krishnan heshriti at gmail.com
Wed May 27 20:45:05 CEST 2009

       [["bounced" to the proper list:  ESS-help -- MM ]]

Dear Martin,

I'm sorry if I got the wrong person, but I could not get an R-ESS email
list, so I decided to write to you.

      [[now you see: the correct list is ESS-help at ....]]

 I have a question regarding R. ESS and Xemacs. So I installed everything
according to John Fox' document, and everything works fine, except a couple
of very nagging problems.

For reference, I use windows XP, 32 bit, xemacs 21.4.21.

1) I cannot print from my graphics device. Even a simple command plot(1:10)
from R command within xemacs, opens up a plot in a new window. When I try to
print or save the graph, the whole thing hangs up. So I have to restart
xemacs +R.

2) The "help" files don't seem to work correctly in the text mode. It seems
to produce a source code like text. Equations and other formatting is not
done correctly. Ideally I'd like to view help pages in a separate window in
text format, sort of the typical R-IDE look would be great. So I can kill
the window once I'm done with the help.

Thanks again for your help. I appreciate your response,
Best Wishes,

Mahesh Krishnan, Ph.D
heshriti at gmail.com

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