[ESS] Syntax highlighting in R - again!

Peter Geelan-Small p.geelan-small at usyd.edu.au
Tue May 19 02:50:38 CEST 2009

G'day, users.

I'm afraid I'm asking a question that isn't new to the help list, but
syntax highlighting in 
R is not working for me.

I've read the postings on this topic but they don't give me any leads.

In particular, I've read this posting from 28.6.04:

"It sounds like you might not be getting the default syntax
highlighting.  If I have the following in a file called "foo.R":

test <- function () {
  if (1 >0 ) {

then the words `test' `function' `if' and `TRUE' are in different

I put the above into a .R file and did get "function" and "if" in one
colour, "TRUE" and "<-" in another and "test" in a third. However, when
I type the following under the above code in that buffer, the only thing
highlighted is "<-":

dd <- rnorm(10, 50, 10)

When I open one of my own .R files in emacs, only "<-", comments,
character strings and some keywords (for, in, if, else) are highlighted.
No functions or named objects are.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

I'm running emacs with ESS under Windows XP. I installed
emacs-22.3-bin-i386.zip and then ess-5.3.11.zip, following instructions
in README.w32 that comes with emacs and the pdf guide "ESS v5.3.11"



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