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Samuels, Laurie l.samuels at Vanderbilt.Edu
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StatWeave is an extension of SASweave. It's still in beta version, but
so far it's working for me. It lets you weave code from several
different statistical programs into LaTeX files or Open Office
documents. You can even have a 'code chunk' in one language followed by
a chunk in another language in the same file.

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Samuels, Laurie wrote:
> I know that ESS can be used with SWeave, but does anyone have
> using it with StatWeave
> I would like to be able to see the appropriate syntax highlighting for
> both LaTeX and SAS or Stata in my StatWeave files and would love
> suggestions about how to do this (unfortunately, switching to R is not
> an option for me...).
> Thank you-
> Laurie Samuels

Hi Laurie:

I tried Russell's SASweave
and I found him very responsive.  But, I have never heard of StatWeave.
Please tell us more.

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