[ESS] future roxygen support

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Sat May 9 22:28:24 CEST 2009

Daniel Sabanés Bové wrote:

> I have recently discovered roxygen, and I love it already. The ESS
> support for it is small at the moment, there seems to be a better
> StatET support - but honestly I do not want to use Eclipse all the
> time, the R/LaTeX usage in Emacs is too good.
> So: what can I do personally to enhance ESS support for roxygen? I
> have some elisp experience (have done the Emacs tutorial, can write my
> .emacs file) and I would be happy if I could contribute a little bit
> to e.g. linking ESS into the doc-mode mentioned in the el-file
> (http://nschum.de/src/emacs/doc-mode/).

hi Daniel, thanks for the email and the offer of support for adding
more roxgen support to  ESS.  I wrote the small code there is last
summer, partly as proof of concept, but also to see if it would get the
ball rolling in terms of usage.  I was wary of putting too much time in
if roxygen was not going to be used that much.  (I realise there is a
slight chicken-and-egg situation here...)  But it is great that you want
to contribute.  As you say, one thing is to look at seeing how easy it
is to get doc-mode like support -- but I think that might require ESS
supporting Semantic -- which might be a lot of work (although Tony has
looked at this I think before?).

Another thing might simply be to sketch out what kinds of editing
support you would like to see in ESS, and then we can think about how
best to implement them.


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