[ESS] font colors out of sync in *R* buffer

Ron Burns rrburns at cox.net
Sat May 2 19:46:30 CEST 2009

Martin Maechler wrote:
> On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 04:09, Ron Burns <rrburns at cox.net> wrote:
>> Dear all-
>> I have a minor problem after updating a bunch of my libraries.  When one of
>> them loads it seems to spew out an extra " or ' or something that toggles
>> the *R* buffer into the "pink" font color mode for quoted text.
> (brown for me).  Yes, I know the unpleasant experience.
> In my case, it is almost always a non-matching back-quote : " ` "
> and stems from the old way of "quoting", namely  `this'  or  `that'.
> I've recently noticed that even the recommended package  "mgcv" has
> adopted this atrocity,
>  > library(mgcv)
>  This is mgcv  1.5-3 . For overview type `help("mgcv-package")'.
Yes, this is in fact the offending package! I guess had looked more 
closely at the printout  I should have noticed the exact cause of the 
problem that you have explicitly pointed out.  Realizing the full extent 
of the "misplaced" quotes I can modify Douglas Bates'  #" solution to 
inputting #'`  (or Tyler Smith's of just typing them in the buffer on an 
earlier line) to solve this problem (as long as I know the offending 
combination of quotes.)

Thanks to all for the rapid and helpful replies.

R. R. Burns
Oceanside, CA

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