[ESS] font colors out of sync in *R* buffer

Ron Burns rrburns at cox.net
Sat May 2 04:09:58 CEST 2009

Dear all-

I have a minor problem after updating a bunch of my libraries.  When one 
of them loads it seems to spew out an extra " or ' or something that 
toggles the *R* buffer into the "pink" font color mode for quoted text. 
R does not think it has mismatched quotes (I tried inputing a " but then 
of course R insists that I match it.)   I can't seem to figure out a 
clean way to reset the  buffer to it's normal state.   Currently  I  
C-x-h  (select  all) in the *R* buffer and then C-w to get rid of 
everything.  While this clears the buffer and resets the highlighting it 
seems to be a bit drastic.  Pointers to a solution or a sequence of key 
strokes gratefully accepted!

 Thanks in advance for your help!


R. R. Burns
Oceanside, CA

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