Luis F tiago17 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 15:01:43 CET 2008

Dear Mailing List,

I am a biologist, very used to program in R using XEmacs and ESS. I have 
to do some little things in UNIX now. I would love to have something 
similar to what I'm used to with ESS.

1) a shell script on my top window
2) a shell on my bottom window
3) send commands from the script (one line at the time, similar to C-c 
C-n; a region – C-C C-r; the whole file C-c C-l)

I could already do 1) and 2) (alt-x shell) (major achievements!) and I 
can copy-paste, go from one window do the next (C-x o) and that is 
already a great improvment.

But I can't do 3). Any suggestions?

I realize this might be a question outside of the strict scope of this 
list (and I appologize if anyone feels this is spam); I decided to post 
it here, because after searching for a while in the web, i felt this 
specific request would be more understood by people in here.

Thank you all for your work,

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