[ESS] Emacs 22.2 has been released

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 26 22:27:27 CET 2008

For those of you who like to keep up to date with Emacs, a new release
is out.

From: Chong Yidong <cyd at stupidchicken.com>
Subject: Emacs 22.2 released
Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.announce
To: info-gnu-emacs at gnu.org
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:42:25 -0400

GNU Emacs 22.2 has been released, and is now available at
ftp.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/ and the GNU FTP mirrors (see

The MD5 check-sum is the following:

  d6ee586b8752351334ebf072904c4d51  emacs-22.2.tar.gz

Please send any bug reports to bug-gnu-emacs at gnu.org.  You can use the
function M-x report-emacs-bug to do this.

In addition to many bugfixes, Emacs 22.2 includes new support for the
Bazaar, Mercurial, Monotone, and Git version control systems, new
major modes for editing CSS, Vera, Verilog, and BibTeX style files,
and improved scrolling support in Image mode.  See etc/NEWS for a more
complete list of changes.

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