[ESS] take screenshot of active R Graphics window problem (linux)

G. Jay Kerns gkerns at ysu.edu
Thu Jul 3 15:55:09 CEST 2008

Dear Stephen,

> 1. If you want a picture of the active device, why not use the R facilities
> of copying device to a file, e.g. dev.copy2pdf and that way you can get
> a nice vector output instead of a raster.

It hadn't occurred to me to try this.  But now that you mention it,
yes, I would much rather prefer vector instead of PNG.  I have tried
it out and I like it much better!  :-)

> 2. Have you tried the lower-level unix 'xwd' command, if screendumps are
> really what you are after?

I didn't know about xwd and from what I have read about it it looks
pretty cool.  Now that I have dev.copy, I may just stick with it.

> thanks, stephen



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