[ESS] toggle between R versions

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Wed Feb 6 05:57:18 CET 2008

That is supposed to work on Linux with no further intervention from the
user.  Please reply to the list with which versions of OS, emacs, ESS you
using.  Are you doing anything strange in your site-start.el or .emacs file?
Where are the R files
living?  Are they in the default place for Linux distributions?  I am very
that Other/ doesn't contain at least three items: R-newest, R-2.6.1,
They are usually placed on that menu automatically when ess-site is started.

Try manually entering
M-x R-devel
and let the list know if that was able to start the alternate version.

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This was the first thing I tried, but the only thing listed under 
"other" is "R-newest", which when I tried it, loaded R-2.6.1 just as "R" 
does. I am not using Windows, which may keep track of versions in the 
registry, but Linux, where I have to put a symbolic link to R in /usr/bin


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Richard M. Heiberger wrote:
> When you are in a myfile.r buffer, click on the emacs menu item
>  ESS/Start Process/Other/
> This will give you a list of all versions of R on your computer.
> Click one of them and it will execute inside an *R* buffer.
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> Subject: [ESS] toggle between R versions
> I have both R-2.6.1 and R-devel installed on Ubuntu Gutsy, each with 
> their own site-library, although currently I go into .Rprofile to 
> manually change with site-library will be loaded. When starting R from 
> within ESS-Emacs, I would like to be able to instruct which version I 
> want to use. Is this possible? For this to work, I would also need 
> .Rprofile to detect the version of R and use the appropriate site-library.
> Can all or any of this be done?

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