[ESS] ESS sas-mode: change comment style

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Nov 5 16:37:50 CET 2007

Will wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to change the sas comment style from
> ** ***************** **;
> ** This is a comment **;
> ** ***************** **;
> to
> /* ***************** */
> /* This is a comment */
> /* ***************** */
> How do I do that? What variables do I have to configure? What hooks 
> should i use?
> A Note to ESS developers:
> As SAS does not treat comments like "** **;" as comments in all 
> situations (e.g. in macros, on same line as commands), I prefer "/* */".
> I suggest a flexible, easy way to change between those comment styles as 
> both have their advantages and drawbacks.(cf. 
> http://support.sas.com/onlinedoc/913/getDoc/sv/lrdict.hlp/a000289375.htm#a000852196)
> Best, Will

Hi Will:

I suppose this would be a nice feature to add.  However, I can say that 
I rarely see comments like the first block.  The * ; and %* ; style
comments are really for one-liners, i.e. you are commenting out only
one line of code.  For blocks, it's more likely that you see a single
/* at the beginning and a single */ some lines later.  I see your second
block has them on every line!?!  So, this is an unusual arrangement in
my experience.  I didn't click on the link so maybe there was a very
interesting discussion about why you would want to do something like
this.  However, I don't see people doing that.



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